Grant Policy of the Alameda Community Fund
(adopted May 10, 2012)

The Alameda Community Fund (ACF) will support Alameda 501(C)3 non-profits and other non-profit entities that benefit Alameda residents.

The Alameda Community Fund supports programs that do not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or sexual orientation.

While “in kind” support is preferred, in no instance will the ACF fund ordinary operating expenses or cure a deficit resulting from ordinary operating expenses.

The objective of ACF is to preserve the capital of the organization and make grants from earnings. Due to the variability of earnings from year to year, the corporation may determine its grant budget by a formula approved by the board of directors that is expected to preserve and grow the capital over the long term. Proceeds from fundraisers will be added to principal or be available for grants at the discretion of the board. Contributions, including bequests, will be added to principal to increase the future grant budget.

Grant requests should begin via the Grant Application Form, which can be filled out here. The Grant Application Form will open in an new window.

The form is inter-active and can be filled out online and printed. The Application form can be saved and printed for off line input but any information entered online will not be saved. When finished entering the information, print the form, verify the entries are correct, and mail the form to the address on page 2 of the form.